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Pulsschlag Tree Damage from Chronic High Frequency Exposure
'Mast Sanity' Smart Meter Warning from Sweden 11/03/2011
Working party Aesculaap Pseudomanas syringae is the cause of horse chestnut bleeding disease. Comprehensively in 2007 the investigation will be extended with an investigation of the influence of stress factors and the extension to other tree species.
Information municipality Alphen aan den Rijn On the site of the municipality Alphen aan den Rijn under the heading news of the municipality regularly information is given about tree damage. Also you find here a special link with scientific investigations of tree damage.
Wikipedia, Plant Pathology At Wikipedia you can find nice pictures and descriptions of trees and descriptions of tree disease. Organisms that cause infectious disease are fungi, oomycetes, bacteria, viruses, viroids, virus-like organisms, phytoplasmas, protozoa, nematodes and parasitic plants.
Tree guide The aim is to recognise the most attentive trees, by means of photograph and descriptions. Striving is to be able to recognise by means of this site 95% of all trees in wildly.
Geopathic stress in nature For anyone who will consider that geopathic stress is present this is interesting. Especially if one believes that external influences can not only influence the wellness of trees but also its relation with the geopathic field.
Plantfacts Plantfacts merged several digital collections developed at Ohio State University to become an international knowledge bank and multimedia learning center. Also a searchable database of high quality images featuring Ornamental plants, Turf, Plant Diseases, and Insects.
Pulsschlag This website describes the effects and consequences of electromagnetic radiation on trees.

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