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Growth deviation

A new phenomena is the spiral growth of branches in the crowns of trees. Normally branches grow phototropic, in the direction of the light. Nowadays we find many trees in these urban regions without phototropic growth. We find this at deciduous trees and conifers. There seem to be a disturbance of cell growth.

The cause of this was not yet found. Maybe recent changed circumstances in the environment have a relation with this new phenomenon. It is known that the electric field of the earth has a relation with the growth of branches. If the fields of mobile telephony have influence at the growth of trees (by their by their electromagnetism spectrum or by their pulsed frequencies) must be investigated. Monitoring shows that trees with spiral growth branches also often have striations on the bark and phloem nodes.

This influence at the cell level is worrisome. The outcome of growth deviation is unknown but must be investigated at short time.

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